What Are Nitro RC Cars? Advantages of Nitro Powered Remote Control Cars

If you are new to world of remote control vehicles, one of your first considerations before making a purchase is choosing between an electric, gas, or nitro powered model. In this article I will look at the benefits of choosing a nitro powered RC car, truck, boat, or any other type of remote controlled vehicle.

One of the major advantages of a nitro powered vehicle is power, speed, and acceleration. With a nitro fueled truck or buggy, you are able to navigate the toughest of terrains and easily perform daring maneuvers and jumps that will delight both you and spectators. Moving to the street, there are many nitro powered RC cars that can achieve incredible speeds of 75 mph directly out of the box. And if you live near a lake or river, a nitro fueled boat can provide hours of entertainment and fun racing across the water and jumping waves at speeds of close to 40 mph.

Another benefit of going with a nitro RC car over an electric model is length of operation. A typical electric motor battery can last approximately ten to fifteen minutes and take up to forty-five minutes to charge. With a nitro vehicle, the only limitation is the fuel you have available. Just like with your real car or truck, when your nitro model gets low on gas, just fill the tank and you’re ready to go.

Getting started with nitro powered RC vehicles is fun and easy. You can purchase vehicles that come completely ready to run out of the box and contain detailed instructions on setting up, running, and maintaining your vehicle.

Source by Perry Alexander

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